All the drama coming up in the month of September in Gomora Season 3

All the drama coming up in the month of September in Gomora Season 3
All the drama coming up in the month of September in Gomora Season 3



Episode 94

Thathi learns the taxi business is going to be harder than expected.  Teddy is intrigued by the prospect of a different career.


Episode 95

Sibongile finally gives her side of the story. There are changes in Sonto and MaZet’s fortune.  Teddy fights for his dreams.


Episode 96

Ntokozo puts Gladys and Nkosinathi on the spot about their vat en sit situation. Nkosinathi takes out the ‘muti’ in class and Sizwe is scared.


Episode 97

Sonto makes Mazet an offer she wants to refuse. Sbonga doesn’t want to quit driving. It’s tense between Ntokozo and Sizwe.


Episode 98

Mazet and Bakang go on a joyride that leaves them hot and heated. Sibongile goes out of her way to help Scara.


Episode 99

Sonto has had it with Bakang and MaZet. Teddy has a taste of what being a celebrity feels like and loves it.


Episode 100

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Pretty is a crime suspect Zodwa is excited to being a celebrity mom. Scara scores Sibongile on a bet.

Episode 101

Sibongile confronts Scara but he has no answers to give her. Sizwe defends Zaza, which surprises everyone. Pretty reveals what she did with the money.


Episode 102

Nyalleng gets closer to the answer she needs.  Tshiamo stuns the family with one more way to honor Buhle.  Teddy receives a cold welcome at the radio station.


Episode 103

Ntokozo is humiliated in the worst way by Zibuko. Thathi has ambitions to run a legitimate business in an “illegitimate” world.


Episode 104

Teddy getting his warning letter. Pretty confronting Thathi about putting everyone in danger.


Episode 105

A certain Gomora taxi driver gets robbed at gunpoint. Tshiamo gets some good news from her school. Teddy gets a stern warning about his job.


Episode 106

Mabuyase makes Thathi grovel.  Sonto has a daring new heist in mind.  Ntokozo embarrasses Gladys in front of the teachers

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Episode 107

Sonto and her gag plan to “attend” the speech contest. Teddy is at odds with his station manager when an unlikely opportunity comes by.


Episode 108

Bongani finds himself in the crossfire of Sonto’s operation.  A learner from Gomora High wins the debate contest.


Episode 109

Sizwe goes to see Sonto at night but finds Nkosinathi there. Teddy and Ntokozo are determined to make money and encourage each other.


Episode 110

Detective Nabe gets closer to finding Gomora High’s culprit. Mazet and Zibuko fight over Nyalleng’s kidney. Sizwe has a surprising proposition for Ntokozo.


Episode 111

Miss Biyela dares to ask Sonto for her car back.  Sizwe puts a lot of money on Ntokozo’s bed.  Teddy demands a radio slot from Zakes.


Episode 112

Zibuko refuses to give into his feelings for MaZet. Nkosinathi’s familial obligations are heavy, and Gladys doesn’t know what to do.


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Episode 113

Zibuko’s cash in transit plan goes horribly. Tshiamo is in the dog box with Teddy. Nkosinathi has a plan for the school, but Faku is not biting.


Episode 114

Stompie is worried when Nurse Lydia doesn’t want money from him but promises there will be payback. Tshiamo stands up for herself against Miss Biyela.


Episode 115

The Molefe’s hold a prayer session for Thathi.  The car wash launch doesn’t go according to plan.  Teddy pushes Mabuyase to let him resign.