BBMzansi 2022 Day 30: Laying down the literal law

Laying down the literal law – BBMzansi
Laying down the literal law – BBMzansi


BBMzansi – Laying down the literal law

Things have started to get a little lawless in the Big Brother House, with accusations of theft and assorted sneakiness being raised. Sis Tamara called a meeting to address the situation head-on.

Sis Tamara during a House meeting

This is the second time that Sis Tamara has held the Head of House position, and they’ve had to bring their A-game this time around. Earlier tonight, Tamara called a House meeting to address the ugly issue of theft. Apparently, once people have gone to sleep, some supplies have been gone missing. This might have something to do with the 2 AM gang – so-called because they get the munchies at 02:00 – but there may well be some other guilty parties, too.
“I’m so tired of this conversation,” Sis Tamara said, clearly exasperated with this being an issue since the first week in the House. Norman also said that he feels the Housemates pick and choose what they get upset about when things go missing. Alcohol, for example, upsets a lot of people when it goes missing, but other things are less so. It seems as if he thinks that theft is theft – and he has a point.
Until this point, the items being discussed were Household items. Libo was more concerned with personal items going missing. “You keep saying, ‘we’re all adults.’ Well, an adult stole a teddy bear!” He says that the fact that personal items going missing makes the House a decidedly uncomfortable place, and we can certainly see how it would.
We’re not sure how Big Brother would react to this conversation. The House is under constant surveillance, and theft is an actual crime. If the Housemates don’t step in line, tomorrow’s punishment for failing to properly take part in the morning exercise sessions might be nothing compared to what might be coming down the pike.