BBMzansi 2022 Day 30: The Nomination aftermath

The Nomination aftermath – BBMzansi
The Nomination aftermath – BBMzansi


BBMzansi The Nomination Housemates aftermath

Last night the Big Brother Mzansi viewers were left stunned when Big Brother (Biggie) called all Housemates individually into the Diary Session. Each Housemate was instructed to Nominate three people to put up for possible Eviction. Apart from HoH and DHoH, no one else was spared.
If you are an avid Big Brother Mzansi viewer you would have noticed that previously, the only people who had the power to nominate fellow Housemates for possible Eviction were only the HoH and the DHoH. The sudden switch up from Biggie only served as a reminder to us all that things can be quite unpredictable in the House.
To everyone’s surprise, during Sis Tamara’s Diary Session they put up Terry’s name for possible Eviction. Terry is not just any Housemate; she is Sis Tamara’s BFF. What shocked the viewers, even more, was that Sis Tamara did all of this without hesitation. As if this was not enough, they used their Veto power to save Tulz and replace him with Vyno who is Terry’s boyfriend. It seems as if this friendship is being tested. Do you think it has what it takes to survive? We guess only time will tell.

Here are some reactions from Big Brother Mzansi Twitter Fans

As expected, there’s a lot of uncertainty and pressure in the House. Housemates who are Nominated for possible Eviction are not happy at all. Yoli spent most of last night telling Norman about how she now knows what it feels like to be in the hot seat and even though she’s calm, she doesn’t like it one bit. At his name being mentioned for possible Eviction, Vyno broke into laughter. It seemed he wasn’t buying Sis Tamara’s reason for Nominating him. According to Sis Tamara, Vyno doesn’t look serious enough about the game. Gash1, Nthabii, and Themba looked like they were expecting to be Nominated, there was no surprise there.
The game has definitely switched up and we are here for it all! Who in your opinion do you think will be going home this Sunday?