BBMzansi 2022: difference betweeen dating and relationships in the house

Difference between dating and relationships in the BBMzansi 2022 show

There are so many terms that one needs to wrap their head around when it comes to love, dating, relationships, situationships, and talking stages. the Housemates discussed some of these and it seems that even they were confused.

Here’s a breakdown of what each of these means Dating vs relationships:

  • Dating

This is the phase where you can see multiple people at a go. You go on dates, and you keep your options open. You don’t see one person exclusively.

  • Situationship

You find yourself in a situation with someone you were dating. So you’re not in a relationship, but you like them a little bit more than the other people you’ve been seeing but not enough to be exclusive.

  • Talking Phase

This is when you’re talking to someone a lot. You’ve dated, found yourself in a situationship and now you find yourself talking to this person all the time. This could be called a transition phase.

  • Relationship

You’re down with the stages and you’ve found your person. You’ve now both decided that you belong exclusively to each other. You block and delete the other people you were talking to, or you can just be an adult, communicate and set boundaries. Did we hear Mpho call Libo her boyfriend last night?