BBMzansi 2022: Housemates revealed how they’ve started realising the divisions in the House

A divide in the House – BBMzansi

Whenever there are two sides, one eventually has to pick a side we’ve watched the Housemates navigate their way around the house for four weeks now and we’ve learned a lot about the different characters and how they think, especially when they’re in their Diary Sessions. Today some of the Housemates revealed how they’ve started realizing the divisions in the House.

  • Yoli

She told Biggie that she came to a realization that’s there’s a distinct split in the House and she feels that the sleeping arrangements, having the upstairs and downstairs sections have contributed to it. She acknowledges the fact that they ended up there by default, but now there’s a clear divide between Summer Days and Summer Nights.
She said that the division is playing itself out a lot in everything, including the Tasks and that all the pairings have started to feel very calculate and deliberate. She sometimes feels out of place and not sure where she can sit in the House. She said that people have been playing the game on a strategic front and they have been almost cunning. She ended off by saying: “It’s game time Biggie! Long and short!”

  • Tulz

He said that there has definitely been a shift of mood in the House and that there are definitely camps in the House and he tries to play a bit of both.
He said that he’s flying close to the sun, but not too close and that he has to play the game. He tries not to get on anyone’s bad side and judges people on his encounters with them instead of going with the mood of the House.

BBMzansi Housemates revealed how they’ve started realising the divisions in the House during their diary Sessions

  • Terry

She believes that there are divisions in the House and that people’s alliances have started to fizzle. She mentioned the rift between Gash1, Libo, and Mpho. Libo feels that Gash1 nominated him because he wants to get closer to Moho and get him out of the way while Mpho is upset at Gash1 for putting Libo up for nomination.
She said that she had also noticed a clash between Yoli and Thato and is wondering if it’s was strong enough to be their alliance or if it was just a misunderstanding.
She’s not allowing herself to get distracted by Vyno and she feels they have proved to the House that they are a formidable force individually.

  • Themba

He feels that everyone in the House is playing a game and that some of the connections that have been built over the past few weeks have started to fade. He mentions Gash1 and Libo’s relationship and that he feels Libo is replacing Gash1 with Vyno. He speaks about how Gash1 is strategic about the people he nominated and that it has caused a rift because the people that are nominated thought that they were the faves. He also commented how the men’s relationships have faded away.
He says he doesn’t know why people are stressed and that he had fun with this, he ate and is keeping his eye on the prize.
However, B.U. Libo, Nale, Thato, Venus, Vyno, and Zino are all up for possible Eviction this Sunday. You can VOTE to SAVE your favourite Housemate via the Mzansi Online voting poll HERE