BBMzansi 2022: Terry and Sis Tamara who is your favorite HoH?

BBMzansi season 3 2022 housemate Terry and Sis Tamara who is your favorite Head Of House (HoH)?

On Sis Tamara winning HoH, the Big Brother mzansi viewers were beyond thrilled. Our timelines were plastered with messages of congratulations to the new HoH. The viewers couldn’t wait to see them resume duty.
A few days on the HOH throne Sis Tamara seemed to have a large number of people rallying behind them. During her Diary Session, Nthabii who is a fellow Housemate applauded them for being an astounding leader. She proudly told Biggie that Sis Tamara doesn’t dictate but leads with respect. The viewers were also impressed by they’s leadership skills and level of maturity. They were praised for being able to hold the House together. Sis Tamara also received a lot of love for the collaboration with DHoH Yoli.
Sniffanny on Twitter said there’s a clear element of unity and cooperation between the HoH and DHoH. Pooja mentioned that Sis Tamara leads effortlessly and is impressed by the way they are handling the HoH reign.
Terry on the other hand is getting a lot of criticism from the public. As you may recall, Sis Tamara took over the HoH title from her. The two are besties, and when they became Terry’s successor, she jumped for joy and celebrated.
The viewers are however starting to feel unsettled by Terry’s meddling when it comes to Sis Tamara leading the Housemates. They feel that she acts like she’s still HoH. The question at hand is, ‘whose throne is it anyway?’
Let’s take a look at some of the comments from the Big Brother Mzansi viewers…

  1. Mrs. Noma commented by stating that absolute power corrupts absolutely and she feels that’s the case with Terry. She says one might think she’s still in charge.
  2. Tinkerbell wonders if Terry would still be this involved if someone else were H0H instead of her bestie, Sis Tamara.
  3. Aurora says she’s going to need Sis Tamara to put Terry in her place very soon as she still acts like she’s still HoH.
  4. Sir Ralf dee says that Terry is killing the fun by being bossy even though she’s no longer HoH.
  5. Isaac is confused and wants to know if Terry is still H0H because she’s still ‘stretching her wings.’