BBMzansi 2022: Terry in tears as she won the week 9 friday night game

Terry tackles the tea party
Terry tackles the tea party

It’s Friday night, which means there was another session of Friday Night Games in the Big Brother Mzansi House, and Terry has emerged as the winner.

Terry cries next to Mpho after winning the Friday Night Games.

For the most part, tonight’s Friday Night Games were pretty competitive, with most of the Housemates all achieving comparable times. The race based on Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland – required the Housemates to toss a top hat onto a peg (and have it stay there, obviously), navigate a ball through a series of hoops using a croquet stick, throw a ball into a teacup and complete a puzzle.
Sis Tamara kicked off the occasion and achieved a time of 5’30. This was quickly bested by Tulz with a time of 3’44, but Mphowabadimo then raised the stakes with a posted time of 3’26. Then came Gash1, who did – well… he did badly. He got a time of 7’00, by which we mean that he didn’t actually finish at all – 7’00 was the maximum amount of time allowable for the challenge.
It seems that a dismal performance on this challenge might be contagious. His romantic partner, Thato, also failed to complete the course and was also given a time of 7’00, which – again – doesn’t exactly tell the full story. The Big Brother Mzansi Power Couple seemed to run out of steam, tonight.
The real race came with Terry, who posted a time of 3’11. She was followed by Libo… who did exactly the same thing. We had a tie. We almost had a three-way tie, as Themba completed the course only one second behind the leaders, narrowly missing out on a chance to participate in the tiebreaker.
The tiebreaker was made up of one of the obstacles, namely the teacup challenge. Terry went first, and after an agonizing 59 seconds, managed to get a ball in the cup. Agonizing or not, it turns out this was enough – Libo took about 1’12 to get a result, which means that Terry walked away with the win. She quickly turned emotional, hiding her face behind a piece of material. When it emerged once more, it was streaked with tears.
Lotto Star has promised the Housemate with the best overall performance in the Friday Night Games at the end of the season an extra R10 000 to take home with them, and there is still another opportunity for the Housemates to get themselves in the running.