BBMzansi 2022: Thato asked Gash1 if he has ever posted a lover on his social media

Thato and Gash1 News
Thato and Gash1 News

Is your partner not posting about you a deal-breaker? Social media is such an important part of our lives. Some people post everything on social media while others are very selective about the things they post. The most common question two people need to answer when getting into a relationship is if they will post about each other or not. Some people love to post there about partners, make them their header on Twitter, be in a relationship with on Facebook, post vlogs on Youtube and flood our Instagram timelines with cute reels and vacation content.
You also get the people who you will never know if they are in a relationship or not and they have even gone as far as disabling their tags on social media. How do you strike the balance between being secretive and being private?
Thato asked Gash1 if he has ever posted a lover on his social media to which he responded no and she was a bit surprised at this. They both revealed that they are private on social media. Gash1 said that he has never really been active on social media and it was a recent thing for him, only because he wanted to promote his business. Thato said that she believes in being private on social media and that she does not even post her friends on her social media pages and that it is all things that work.
Does this mean we won’t be seeing any Gash1 content after they leave the house or will they decide to start posting about each other since we have been watching them on television anyway? We are ready for all the cute relationship content post the House, our alerts are ready to be on.