BBMzansi 2022: Themba, Libo, and Tulz have proved that loyalty means something in Biggie’s House

BBMzansi Conspiracies and loyalties
BBMzansi Conspiracies and loyalties


Day 58: Conspiracies and loyalties – BBMzansi

The Conspiracy Corner may have been a brutal place for some, but it secured two Housemates a place in the final Themba, Libo, and Tulz have proved that loyalty means something in Biggie’s House. This loyalty did not exist for Terry. Did the boys have their conspiracy? When it came down to the wire, they chose each other.
Terry expressed to Biggie that she was not shocked when Themba chose Tulz and Libo because she was the only woman in the alliance. Do you think it’s as simple as that or other factors were at play?
During the pleading ‘session’ Terry mentioned to Themba that although they were in an alliance, she still played her own game and was not staying too close to him or “sucking up to him” just because they had an alliance, and she felt that’s what the other two did, they stopped playing their own game. Could that be where she got it wrong and if she had played into it more, could she have been chosen to go to the final?

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Themba, Libo, and Tulz

Libo and Tulz had been present, and when Themba won the Ultimate Veto power, it was Libo who helped him to bed and it was Tulz who assisted in getting the Housemates to comply last week and even came up with the warcries to support the Wager.
Themba mentioned in his Diary Session to Biggie that he wants Mpho to prove herself and maybe that’s what he expected from Terry as well and he chose Libo and Tulz because they proved their loyalty to him every opportunity they got.
Playing the game means different things to different people and you just have to hope that whoever ends up on the throne, was playing the same game as you.