BBMzansi 2022: Tulz and Sis Tamara get their cigarette back!

Tulz and Sis
Tulz and Sis


Day 59: Tulz and Sis Tamara get their ciggies back! — BBMzansi

A week ago when team Stones failed to win their Wager Task, it meant going back to the basics. As hard as it was, they were ready to make it work without luxuries, however, Sis Tamara and Tulz were in for a very hard time.
If you recall clearly, Sis Tamara once revealed to Biggie that they light a cigarette and puff away when they are going through a rough time, this helps calm them down. Yesterday when they weren’t pleased with the prank that was played on the Housemates by Terry and Mphowabadimo, they stepped outside for a smoke. We’ve also seen Tulz in stressful situations smoking more than usual. Without their cigarettes, the two Housemates were at a loss and a drastic move had to be made.

Tulz smoking

We saw the two gravitate towards Mphowabadimo who is an avid user of snuff. Unlike Sis Tamara and Tulz, Mphowabadimo still had her stash of snuff. The two formed a bond with her as she shared her goodies with them, and this is how the “snuff trio” came into being.
After witnessing the two getting their dose of snuff, the viewers were left in stitches. Have a look at some of the hilarious comments that graced our timelines.
After a long week of snuffles, Biggie finally came to the rescue! There was excitement in the Big Brother Mzansi House, as Tulz and Sis Tamara finally got their cigarettes back. They were beaming as they sat around the table dividing the cigarettes. At the sight of cigarettes, Sis Tamara even started singing randomly. After ensuring that each had an equal share, Sis Tamara gave half their stash to Terry for safekeeping, and to ensure that they use it sparingly.
This moment was met with drama as the two tried to work out exactly when Sis Tamara would be allowed to gain access to the stash. Did we mention that Tulz disappeared with his share? We are not sure if he has a strategy as to how he will be making sure that the cigarettes last him the whole week.
Viewers were equally excited on behalf of Tulz and Sis Tamara. Here are some of their comments.




Once again, it is back to puffing and smiling. It seems Tulz and Sis Tamara finally got their groove back.