BBMzansi 2022: Vyno have started feeling himself

Vynos really been feeling himself
Vyno really been feeling himself


Big Brother Mzansi season 3 housemate Vyno’s feeling himself after yesterdays eviction

Vyno’s really been feeling himself! Brothers told Themba that he doesn’t know whether or not his relationship with Terry would make it outside the house because she’s more into him than he’s into her. While we wait for receipts to those claims, men’s also said Terry is not even his type. Athi Terry often says “I can’t believe I have a handsome boyfriend like you”.

Themba is, of course, gassing him right up. We might want to remember that Themba has revealed to Biggie that part of his game is pushing Housemates in relationships further into their mgowo. Keep them distracted, keep them talking about how stunning they are.⁣

What do you think of Vyno’s moves?⁣

Yoli and Gash1
Yoli and Gash1

In other news, It’s so awkward right now between Yoli and Gash1. She feels betrayed because she confided in him about Vyno’s confessions on Terry. He then went behind her back to sing like a canary.⁣⁣
Gash1 has apologized. He meant no harm. Now Yoli says she can no longer tell whether he’s playing the game with her. So what is the truth? 🤔 It’s the dribble Olympics chile.⁣⁣