BBMzansi: All housemates are Playing to win

Playing to win – BBMzansi
Playing to win – BBMzansi

If you’re not playing to win, you shouldn’t be playing at all R2 million is at stake and some of the Housemates have come up with strategies that will get them closer to the ultimate prize.

  • Be yourself

There’s always someone who says that they are being themselves and that this is the best way to win because people get to fall in love with the real you.

  • Don’t be too vocal

It is believed that if you have a lot to say people, might get tired of you and feel like you’re always in their face.

  • Be visible

There are people who believe that fading into the background does not help the gameplay and that your presence needs to be felt at all times by everyone.

  • Don’t trust anyone

There are people who keep everyone at arm’s length and don’t reveal too much about themselves or how they are playing the game.

  • Befriend everyone

There are the people who will be friends with everyone, because if everyone likes you, surely your chances of staying will be better because of fewer nominations.

  • Change your strategy

There are also people who believe that your strategy needs to always be changing and that you can’t keep at one thing because the dynamics of the #BBMzansi House are always changing as well.