BBMzansi: Big Brother Mzansi wooden mic

Big Brother Mzansi wooden mic
Big Brother Mzansi wooden mic


BBMzansi Day 26 About The Big Brother Mzansi wooden mic

The level of entertainment in the Big Brother Mzansi House is extremely high and viewers can’t help but laugh.

BBMzansi Housemates (HMS) singing

Biggie started something big when for the first Task, he challenged the Housemates to compete in a “Love Word Scramble” game. Housemates were instructed to go to the garden where they would find eight metal boards with magnetic letters on them.
In couples, at the sound of the buzzer, they had to unscramble the words on the board, using the letters provided. Each word was to relate to love and Valentine’s Day. The losing couples would have to communicate by singing and should this instruction be ignored, then windows would have to be washed. Ladies and gents, this is how Big Brother Mzansi wooden mic came into being.
Nthabii, Zino, Terry, Vyno, Norman, B.U, Gash1, and Nale lost the Task and they had to serenade us with their voices for a whole hour. We were in for a surprise! This Task gave us the opportunity to get to see which of Biggie’s Housemates are not so gifted in the vocals department. Did we mention that the competition was very tight? It seemed everyone wanted to walk away with the title for being the best of the worst.
There was just no way one could keep a straight face when Nale sang out the line “She’s sexually frustrated”. Even Randall wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face. Nale even sang instructions to Gash1 on how to “shake Sheriff’s hand.” It seems she enjoyed the Task a little too much because even when Biggie announced that the Housemates could go back to talking instead of singing, Nale still communicated by singing.