BBMzansi: Biggie has given the Housemates another Task

Biggie gave Housemates another Task
Biggie gave Housemates another Task


Day 51: Pitch a tent, not a fit – BBMzansi

Do you know those guys who always get in the way during a camping weekend? You know how annoying it gets when you’re trying to pitch a tent and they just keep messing it up? Yeah, that’s gonna happen!

Housemates pitching a tent.

Biggie has given the Housemates another Task! They were to pick sticks from a hat, and the color of those sticks – purple or orange – would determine their team. Once that was accomplished, the teams were each be issued a four-man tent, which they were required to pitch in the garden as fast as possible. Obviously, the team to pitch their tent the fastest would win – and get some kind of treat as a result.
This had the potential to get a bit fraught. As anybody who has ever been camping will readily attest, pitching a tent is a skill that not all people share, and those who don’t have the skill are less than useless when the time comes: they actively GET IN THE WAY, and make the process slower simply by being there. It’s often easier just to sleep in the rain than try to coordinate the procedure. What’s more, pitching a tent requires the use of some form of supporting frame – which is typically made of the kind of material that has the potential to turn an argument into a pitched battle reminiscent of the stone age. People could lose an eye.

Once they had selected their sticks, the teams were as follows:
Terry, Themba, Sis Tamara and Mphowabadimo
Tulz, Libo, Thato and Gash1

When the buzzer sounded, the Housemates go to work – and it was predictable. “Is this the top or the bottom,” asked Tulz, which is the kind of information that would come in handy. There was also plenty of fiddling about with the poles, trying to get them aligned… we don’t mean to sound pedantic, here, but both teams went about it all wrong, trying to get the poles set up without attaching them to the tent. Rookie error. (if you hear the voice of an exasperated camper, you would be right.) In the end, though, they managed well enough. Libo, Thato, Gash1, and Tulz took an early lead, managing to have something that resembled shelter within a few minutes, but the other team caught up fast, despite Mpho having a predictable problem: “I’m short!” she complained, struggling to get to the clips higher up the frame. Before long, Terry’s voice could be heard – as it so often is – saying, “we’re done, Big Brother!” The buzzer sounded, and it certainly looked like Thato’s team had squandered their early lead: their tent was looking a little slapdash, if we’re being honest – the rain cover wasn’t attached, and the “floor” looked all rumpled.
Themba, as HoH, was called to the Diary Room, and – to the Housemates’ surprise – returned with the news that they had to strike the tents. We’re still waiting to find out what the winning team has won in the way of treats. Watch this space.