BBMzansi: Bittersweet regrets – Venus kissing episode

Day 35 Bittersweet regrets – BBMzansi
Day 35 Bittersweet regrets – BBMzansi

Sometimes things don’t make sense in retrospect the month of love is coming to an end and with it might be Venus’ kissing episodes. Venus has been vocal about how she’s not looking for something casual whether it be inside or outside of Biggie’s House. She knows what she wants and it’s something serious, even when she leaves, she wants to go and have an honest conversation with someone outside of the House about what she wants and where she stands.
She once told Zino that she’s always struggled with people wanting to claim her and that was her issue with BU. She felt he has toxic traits. She said that she always jumps into things when people are interested in her and that it always ends in tears. She wanted to try a new approach and take her time with everything.
Despite her better judgment, she ended up kissing B.U, and the same thing happened with Themba after the Saturday Night Party last night.
This morning she told Nale that she regretted both kisses but did admit that she enjoyed them. She feels that Themba is begging dishonest about his relationship status and wants to ship him with Nthabii instead of herself.