BBMzansi: A review of Gash1’s reign as the Head of house (HoH)

A review of Gash1’s reign as the head of house (HoH) in BBMzansi 2022

Gash1’s regime as head of house (HoH) has shaken several tables, which has rubbed some Housemates the wrong way. Has he allowed the throne to get into his head? It’s clear by now; the HoH crown certainly comes with thorns. And fresh from Sis Tamara’s highly democratic week, Gash1 has come in with a dramatic shift in how things will be running in the House. It shouldn’t be surprising; he dubbed himself ‘Gash-won’ as soon as Biggie inaugurated him as the head honcho in charge.
That was just the beginning, Gash1 has continued to make sure his style of leadership will be felt for the entire week. Following Themba’s Nomination so soon after he held the Deputy Head of House title, one wonders if Gash1’s splashy display could put a target on his back!
Just days into his regime, he’s already coming under fire for supposedly sowing discord in the House. In a discussion between Norman and Yoli, we found out that some Housemates are questioning the way that he moves. It’s gotten messy. Norman questioned him for telling Venus that B.U. would play her. He shared with the incumbent HoH that the streets are talking about how he also proceeded to spill the same tea with Mpho.
This move, Norman continued, only adds fuel to perceptions that Gash1 might be out to get to Libo. It came out that Libo feels that Gash1 is trying to blindside him, get him out of the game, as a means to get closer to Mphowabadimo. This information had been shared with Zino ahead of the Nominations. Libo’s name coming up only made things worse. The bitter fallout between Gash1 and Libo also indicates that relationships in the House are currently being tested.
It doesn’t help that these divisions, according to Yoli, have gone as far as to affect performances in the Tasks. Last week’s drama notwithstanding, Sis Tamara’s leadership was applauded for contributing to the Housemates securing their first Wager Task win this season. As connections crumble further this week, the pressure is on for Gash1 to put aside differences and make sure he leads the crew to their second win.
Some Housemates have also begun feeling ways about the rules introduced this week. Gash1 has asked the Housemates to first finish leftovers from their previous meals, before eating new meals. This rule aims to address waste and help manage the distribution of food in the House. To make it work, Housemates are required to label their unfinished meals for easier discovery. Meals, he also decided, will now be counted. The rule states that no one may exceed the number of meals agreed upon. The awkward part lies in the fact that some believe Gash1 is part of the ’02:00 club’, who wait for everyone to sleep and then help themselves to more food.
Gash1‘s interventions around food have left some Housemates displeased with his leadership, which some now see as dictatorial.
Far from helping his case, B.U. also feels that Gash1 has been deceptive. Reflecting on his Nomination, B.U. revealed that a Housemate pulled him aside to make him aware that Gash1 has been double-dealing. He also believes that B.U is also out to shake up the ships and undermine the romances in the House.
For Venus, the fact that Gash1 “word-vomits” only plays to her favour. Some Housemates may be unhappy about how he is handling things, but he can make himself a target. That buys her more time in the House.
On the flip side, should the Housemates win the Wager Task, it would authenticate many of Gash1‘s decisions. What’s more, it’s clear that Gash1 is taking this opportunity to really secure his game in the House. Risks are being taken. Will they pay off?