BBMzansi Day 25: Big Brother – Love Pandemic

Big Brother: Love Pandemic – BBMzansi

Could this show be the next to rake-up awards at the SAFTAs this production boasted the star-studded cast of the Big Brother Mzansi House? The 25-minute show opened with an establishing shot of a wedding celebration, where we have a wedding singer accompanied by a guitar giving us goosebumps and having us fall in love.
We cut to Loyd (played by B.U) who is speaking to his father over the phone and asking him to attend his wedding. The response he gets isn’t favorable and starts to break down and his mother walks in and puts an end to theatrics, reminding him that he is a West and that that comes with a certain image, weakness not being it.
Mrs. West (played by Yoli) doesn’t approve of her daughter-in-law to be and they are seen in an altercation and she tells her she’ll never be good enough for her son or her family.
In the midst of all of that, we see Loyd again with his lover (played by Sis Tamara) who is heartbroken at the fact that he has to fade into the background while the love of his life marries someone else. While in an embrace, the bride-to-be walks in and interrupts their moment. She confronts Loyd who assures her that it’s not what it looks like.
Like any family, we are introduced to the drunk uncle (played by Norman) who walks in and steals the spotlight with his antics, falling over and causing a commotion, and just on the beat of that, Aunt Nthabii also announces her presence with a hint of chaos.
The love pastor (played by Libo) waltzes into the scene to save the day and as he’s about to marry the couple, the bride’s father (played by Garsh1) marches in with her ex-lover (played by Zino), interrupting the ceremony, and we hadn’t even gotten to the part where people are asked to speak now or forever hold their peace.
Needless to say, the bride ends up unraveling, Mrs. West orders a hit on the bride and the father of the groom walks in on her and stopped her dead in her tracks. She’s as surprised as all of us to see him and questions why he’s there. He lets her know that he knows what she’s up to and that she’s a murderer, and ends things officially at that moment.
What can we expect from the second episode? Will the wedding go on or is this the beginning of the end we would give Love Pandemic a solid 10 out of 10 and Biggie seems to agree too, because the Housemates won their second Wager Task in a row!