BBMzansi Day 29: Sis Tamara wins HoH again!

Sis Tamara wins HoH
Sis Tamara wins HoH

Sis Tamara wins HoH again

As we have come to know by now the HoH Challenge is a game of luck and for some Housemates, luck is in their favour more than others Sis Tamara is the Housemate with the longest stay in the HoH Bedroom and they are back for the third time but this time it’s with a new Deputy.
Although the game felt runny, the Housemates found a way to crack their eggs and fiercely compete for the HoH title. Biggie tasked the Housemates with cracking eggs and ensuring they are not broken. To make it to the next round of the HoH Games, the Housemates were required to have at least three eggs on their plates that are not broken.
Gash1 assisted Biggie in playing umpire by monitoring the Housemates – thankfully Biggie sees everything – which sort of help with his questionable calls for some Housemates that almost made it to the finals. After a few deliberations with more help from Big Brother, Yoli, Venus, Tulz and Sis Tamara were the only Housemates that made it to the final round of the HoH Games.
In this round, they were required to balance a rubber egg on a coaster and walk through a winding course without stepping on the marked lines. Yoli managed to walk through to the first block, Tulz took the lead for a moment with 11 blocks but Sis Tamara walked the furthest landing them a sweet spot as the new Head of House again!
Unlike the usual HoH Challenges, Biggie informed the Housemates that the Deputy HoH role is no longer automatically given to the runner-up. Sis Tamara was tasked with picking a Housemates they wanted to be their Deputy Head of the House – congratulations to Venus. She joins Sis Tamara in the HoH bedroom this week. This is her first time both as the House’s leadership and staying in the HoH bedroom.
We are excited about their reign and considering Sis Tamara’s previous success as an HoH, We hope Venus leans in on this experience to help usher the Housemates to another win for their Wager Task this week.