BBMzansi Day 31 2022: Foodie jitters rock the Wager Task

Foodie jitters rock the Wager Task – BBMzansi
Foodie jitters rock the Wager Task – BBMzansi


Foodie jitters rock the Wager Task in BBMzansi Day 31 2022

From survival meals crew to gourmet chef, the Shisanyama Wager Task has the foodies in limbo over their 100% Wager Mphowabadimo, Yoli, and Norman sit on the BBMzansi Garden deck
With little time to get through their Wager Task rehearsal, the Housemates have yet again had another meeting to change their script. The 100% Wager is at stake and as time passes, the House is growing less confident of their presentation but there is so much more at play than just a bad script.
Although a few Housemates shared which people they think have the best culinary skills – Tulz, Gash1 and Venus made the top list while others tooted their own horn. Mphowabadimo is confident that her culinary skills will make for a great delivery for the Task presentation. However, since she will be one of the presenters she will not be bringing us the kasi flavour to the #BBMzansi shisanyama.
Libo is confident in Tulz being the Head Chef of the House but when it comes down to the task he’s worried about them not winning their 100% Wager. In his opinion, he feels like there are too few resources around the House for what they want to create. Venus is also shaky on the matter, realistically she says she’s worried about the Wager.
She feels like a number of the Housemates are not taking the Task seriously but Sis Tamara has been a great support system for her. Venus believes Tamara is a hard worker but more of an overthinker. With her being the total opposite of that, she believes that being calmer helps to keep them grounded.
In the rehearsal from tonight, there’s a better sense of direction around the structure of their presentation thanks to the usual planning committee in the House with Tulz, Terry, and Yoli who are now running lead with the script. Mphowabadimo gives their rehearsal a two out of 10 so far.
She says it’s not good but it’s not bad – whatever she means we think a two might be a terrible number to land on. We are still hopeful that as they spend a few more hours in the Garden they’ll find their feet and come back stronger with a better and stronger sense of direction. Hopefully with a cooking show more screen worthy.