BBMzansi Day 32: Top 5 biggest food scandals

Top 5 biggest food scandals — BBMzansi
Top 5 biggest food scandals — BBMzansi

Food is the key to someone’s heart. Fumbling a meal, on the other hand, is the quickest route to starting a whole lot of drama. Here’s a look at food moments that shook the table in Biggie’s House this season.

BBMzansi Nthabii and Venus

When it comes to culinary skills, we are nothing without a second chance. And this season of BBMzansi has had its fair share of food-related drama. From a certain group of Housemates hoarding leftovers for midnight treats, to boerewors disasters, there’s been enough to work an appetite for tantrums in the House. Here is a look at some five most talked about food moments so far this season;


If you’ve ever been to a braai, you will know that locals are pretty sensitive about their wors. So when Nthabii’s unconventional methods for preparing boerewors were televised, the nation panicked. While the most popular way of preparing boerewors does not typically involve boiling it a minute shy of it becoming minced meat, Nthabii clearly had other ideas. What’s more, she began piling potatoes into the stew before drowning the whole situation with water. It caused quite the scene on social media.

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They say one can tell when a fat cake was made with love. What “they” don’t know is love doesn’t begin to cut it – amagwinya need a whole lot of precision to come right. They are easy to be under and overcooked. You blink, miss a beat and they come out with a lot of dough. Now there’s no going back – the spoiled batch is there. Venus had her best intentions when she did hers, but the outcome left a lot to be desired. Her amagwinya rocked alright, but it’s only because they had dried up beyond what was eaten with ease.


Several meetings have taken place about questionable food schemes in the House. One such scandal was the ‘2 AM gang’ – a group of Housemates who wait for everyone to sleep and then raid the kitchen to help themselves. During one of the meetings, then Head of House Sis Tamara had to remind the Housemates that they are all equal.
There will be no ‘connections’ in how food is accessed. And certainly, the 2 AM gang were causing frustration in the House. When Gash1 became the Head of House, he called a meeting and slammed the 2 AM Club, despite his own history of eating more than most.

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This one time, the drama started when pizza was made using questionable methods that resulted in what most couldn’t swallow. And then later, the ones responsible for making the pizza were the first to help themselves to the pizza that had been ordered in. Drama over the premium and DIY pizzas caused such a furor that Sis Tamara and her then DHoH Yoli had to call a meeting and address the matter.


As of today, Nthabii set social media streets ablaze when she was caught on camera doing something that would require her to wash her hands – and she didn’t – while cooking. Many of us probably do it, unintentionally, but we aren’t on the screen 24/7!