BBMzansi Day 34 2022: Bedroom strategies stir up tension

BBmzansi week 5 bedroom shaking strategies
BBmzansi week 5 bedroom shaking strategies

The House may be divided as the numbers dwindle down but bed shifting and bedroom shaking strategies are what we least expected Thato, Gash1, and Norman discuss strategies in the Dressing Room
In the late hours of the evening, Housemates from the Summer Days Bedroom – now known as CBD – gathered in the Dressing Room to discuss new dynamics and emerging strategies around the Snakes and CBD saga. It’s game on and they are on to the Snakes.
Gash1, Thato, Yoli, and Norman believe that Housemates from the Summer Nights Bedroom – now known as Snakes – are moving from their bedroom to neutralize people from downstairs. They believe that Tulz and Themba are quick to come for investigations.
While they confirm that Tulz explicitly told them that he’s there to investigate them, they have a few tricks up their sleeves. Thato and Norman say they should just be themselves and Gash1 believes they should act foolishly around them, at most be unassuming. Although their collective way forward is to downplay their strategies, we think these Housemates are about to give the Summer Nights Bedroom a shock of a lifetime as they are planning their own retaliation.
It seems the game is underway and the snakes have truly entered the CBD, whether it’s still to avenge for Zino’s Eviction or just shifting strategies in the House – it’s game on! Tulz has officially moved into the CBD maybe for a more hands-on “investigation.”
Norman feels like Yoli is the reason why most of these Housemates end up in their bedroom. Thato agrees and adds, Yoli is too welcoming which is throwing their bedroom clique off balance. Yoli didn’t hesitate to enter the discussion by pointing out that their clique shouldn’t rush to conclusions as she has her eyes out for shifting strategies in the House – she is also playing their game. Now we are more curious as to who is fooling who?

With R2 million on the table and only one Housemate emerging as the winner, we can understand how these dynamics in the House keep shifting – but how long will this division last in the BBMzansi House.