BBMzansi Day 37 2022: The meaning of heritage

The meaning of heritage – BBMzansi
The meaning of heritage – BBMzansi

Reflecting on what might be their final Wager Task (will be, for at least one of them), the Housemates facing Eviction this Sunday shared their thoughts on the theme – Heritage Week – and what it means to them to be South African.

BBMzansi Housemates painting for the Wager Task.

As it is typical of a Tuesday in Biggie’s House, the Housemates most recently put up for Nomination were called into the Diary Room and asked to share their thoughts on a variety of topics. One of those topics was this week’s Wager Task, which revolves around the theme of “Heritage Week”.

  • Thato

“I’ve been waiting for this one,” Thato said when asked about the week’s Theme. “I love expressing where I come from, who I am, what I’m about.” Thinking back to when she was growing up, she said, “we wanted to be American, believed in the American Dream. But then you get older, and you see Amapiano come out, and [South African] artists and actors, and really make it big!”
“I love it because it’s our story to tell. I love the element of creativity. I just love it. I’m happy.”

  • Sis Tamara

“Being South African means ‘acceptance,’” was Sis Tamara’s opinion. “I don’t need to run away from my culture, my traditions – that sort of thing. I want to be part of it, but – for the longest time – I ran away.” Speaking about his family, Sis Tamara said that “they’re very traditional,” and that “they don’t really understand my sexuality,” but they accept her for simply being part of the family – the heritage.
“That’s enough for me.”

  • Nale

Speaking on the theme and the various elements they have to make for their Wager Task, Nale said it has helped the Housemates to “look back and reflect – those things help us reignite who we are.”
As to how she interprets the theme, she said, “positive vibes. Good vibes only.”

  • Gash1

During a brief moment, while he wasn’t speaking about Thato, Gash1 said, “I’m very proud to be South African. It means unity.” Showing that he has given this some thought, Gash1 went on to say that “there’s still a lot of things that we need to change in order for that unity to show. One thing is being able to provide food for the person you see is struggling. Helping the next person sleep on a full stomach rather than letting them starve.”

  • Nthabii

About her heritage, Nthabii said that “it’s something I really take pride in, although I don’t know much about my roots – it’s not something we discussed in my home.”
This is a rather salient point – it is possible to feel South African without knowing every single thing about every single one of your ancestors, or how far back your ancestors actually were South African – or even identified that way.
“Being South African – as much as there are ups and downs – it’s really a privilege.”

  • Mphowabadimo

Comparing this week’s theme to previous ones, Mpho shared that she “can relate more to that, because I’m very in touch with who I am. Being South African means freedom to me. Freedom to express yourself.”
With the Wager Task Presentation in mind, perhaps, she said, “it gives me the pride to showcase my South African culture to other nations. We are a diverse nation with a rich history.” She’s certainly got that right.
“Being South African is the best thing that could have ever happened to me.” Now that – ladies and gentlemen – is recognizing a true privilege.