BBMzansi Day 42: The highlights and lowlights

The highlights and lowlights – BBMzansi
The highlights and lowlights – BBMzansi

The Diary Eviction Sessions are the hardest part of the week this is the place where one, two, or three of the Housemates will not be returning to. We get an in-depth look at how they are feeling about being up for eviction, what they’ll miss in the House, who they miss outside of the House, lessons, highlights, and lowlights.
He said that he would miss the connections that he has made with Thato, and he hopes they see it through until the finale. In the outside world, he said he misses family contact and the presence of family. Family for him includes his friendships and he also said he missed his mother’s Sunday dishes.
She said that she has learned to become more comfortable and confident with herself and she has become her biggest cheerleader. She is adamant about forming her alliance if she does not get evicted and wants to be the alpha female. She wants to work on her mental health and not spend the rest of her days in the House feeling sad.
She said that she hasn’t been thinking about who nominated her because it would leave a sour taste in her mouth, and she wants to focus on being positive. Her biggest highlight in the House was meeting Venus and Tulz and hoping to be friends with them for a long time. She has no regrets and appreciates even the low moments – she would cry again, laugh again and trust again.
She said that she has been trying to be conscious of her emotions and trying to play the game at the same time. She struggles with being strong and has had very happy days and days where she has felt that everything is a lot. She feels that the Diary Sessions help. She misses her nieces and nephews and her mom and going to restaurants the most. She would like to see Themba win because it would be nice to see him start something for himself and grow his business.
Sis Tamara said the House has taught them so many lessons and they have been forced to lead from the front before coming to the house they were comfortable with being on the sidelines and not getting involved with things. They love the validation that they are doing good. Sis Tamara does not believe in having any alliances and that dynamics are different each week and that having an alliance limits you and you can’t base things on what’s happening or what has happened. They believe that they are enough and that there’s a life after the House and there’s life inside the House.
She said she has learnt to not hold on to things and to keep it going. She’s had to remind herself that she does not know everything and that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. She has learned that she is quite affectionate and thinks this may be something she picked up in the House because she has never been affectionate before. She said she is not competitive and is happy when people win. She also will not be forming any alliances if she does not go home and she won’t help people push personal vendettas against others.