BBMzansi Day 47: Love doesn’t discriminate

Love doesnt discriminate BBMzansi
Love doesn’t discriminate BBMzansi


Love doesn’t discriminate in BBMzansi 2022

Sis Tamara, Nale, and Terry had a really serious conversation about here they delved deep into some of the things that affect them when it comes to these topics.
They discussed how society expects people to operate within straight lines. Sis Tamara spoke to how they are not in the House to push the gay agenda but understand how important representation is and that there are other queer people who auditioned and were not chosen so there is a responsibility that they do feel. Beyond that though, they want to be seen as smart, as someone who loves vultures and tradition and wants to participate in it, someone who has issues with their family and not just as a queer body.
Terry said she felt that it should not matter who people choose to sleep with and that all these labels exist because people are too concerned about who the next person is sleeping with and that should be of no one’s concern.
The conversation left the Housemates feeling enlightened and we hope to see more fruitful conversations around the House that are rooted in positivity.
We should all have the luxury to choose who we want to be, how we want to act, and who we want to love. Someone else’s existence should not be something anyone else should be allowed to question.