BBMzansi Housemates Failed Their Wager Task Challange In Week 5 2022

BBMzansi 2022 week 5 Wager Task mission failed
BBMzansi 2022 week 5 Wager Task mission failed


BBMzansi Week 5 Wager Task Challange 2022

Tension and stress levels in the Big Brother Mzansi House are extremely high, particularly on a Thursday. If you are an avid viewer of this South Africa’s number one trending reality show, you will know that on Thursdays, Housemates get the opportunity to present their Wager Task to Biggie.
If there’s one thing about our Housemates, it’s that they are very ambitious and they are all about taking risks. With this week’s theme being everything culinary, the Housemates once again confidently Wagered 100%.
Even though they have already won the Wager Task twice, viewers were not confident with this move, especially after witnessing Venus’s amagwinya making skills. To make matters worse, Nthabii also trended for her unconventional way of preparing pap and boerewors.
The Housemates cooked and presented from their hearts but still failed to please Biggie, and therefore they lost their Wager Task. In announcing the Task judgment, Biggie made it clear that the Housemates have been going against his instructions and he is not sure if this is deliberate. He also pointed out that during the onion peeling Task, he had asked the Housemates to carry out the Task in the dining area, but instead this instruction was disregarded.
Housemates made their way to the garden. Furthermore, he is not happy with some of the Housemates’ conduct and the fact that they do not give their all when it comes to Tasks. When Biggie gives Housemates a Task, it is particularly important to him that they show determination and consistency throughout the week.
Not even Sis Tamara could convince Biggie to give them a win. In their motivation as to why they think they should walk away with a win, Sis Tamara said that – even with the punishment that they had to endure and having to rework some things at the last minute – everyone still put effort into the Wager Task. Biggie asked them if this is their story, and if they are sticking to eating.
Do you think Biggie made the right decision by dishing out the BIG L to the Housemates? We love hearing your views!