BBMzansi Housemates prepare for their Week 6 Day 39 Wager Task 2022

Mission prepare for the Wager Task– BBMzansi
Mission prepare for the Wager Task – BBMzansi


BBMzansi Week 6 Wager Task 2022

With the Wager Task taking place in just a couple of hours, Housemates are feeling the pressure and it’s weighing heavily on everyone. A 100% Wager is at stake and individuals are taking part and doing what needs to be done.
Sis Tamara has been in the forefront, advising the Housemates on exactly how to treat the rehearsals. They kept uttering the words, “Guys, we need to present as if there’s a live audience. Take your time, no one is going to chase you off the floor. Don’t take this as just a run-through.” They also availed themselves to anyone who needed help in getting the moves right. They could be seen directing HoH Tulz on exactly what to do and how to do it. “You need to be confident.
Drop those arms. I need you to do this as if you are doing it in the Arena. This is serious.”During the rehearsals, there was an ongoing debate about the difference between an emblem and a symbol. It took a bit of time for the Housemates to resolve this. When rehearsals had to resume, Venus forgot the words to the national anthem and asked her fellow Housemates to jog her memory.
Even though a lot of adjustments were still being made to the presentation at the last minute, it seemed not all was doom and gloom. In the next rounds of rehearsals, the improvement could be seen. The Housemates came through with the energy and the unity that was missing.
Below are some reactions from some Twitter fans

  1. Samuel said the presentation felt more like a puppet show and there’s less talk about Heritage.
  2. Sibongz commented by saying that the Housemates will win since they are working hard and as a team.
  3. Bukiwe said she doesn’t like the first part of the anthem. She motivated by saying it sounds more like the Housemates are saying “imzansi” instead of “umzansi”.
  4. Niki commented by saying she would really like the Housemates to win this Wager, but she still feels that they could do better in terms of energy and enthusiasm.
  5. Mello said the Anthem slaps hard and she couldn’t wait for the actual presentation to take place.