BBMzansi: Housemates second Task for the day

Put your back into packing a backpack
Put your back into packing a backpack


Day 51: Put your back into packing a backpack – BBMzansi

There are two kinds of people in the world: those that can pack efficiently, and those who think they can. Today, the Housemates will find out which one they are.

Themba and Libo with backpacks on their backs.

In keeping with the week’s theme – Back to Nature – the Housemates need to prepare for a little bit of camping (more on this later – keep an eye open). Their second task for the day is quite simple: back a backpack. That doesn’t seem like a particularly tough challenge. How hard can it be? Simply take your stuff, and stuff it in a bag, force the thing closed, and you’re done!
Unfortunately for the Housemates, Biggie has made it a bit harder than that. The items they need to pack – a sleeping bag, cutlery, cup, bowl, lantern, pillow, towel, water bottle, and toiletry bag – have been carefully selected to give them as much trouble as possible. They barely fit into the backpack, and they need to be arranged in a particular way to have any chance of success. In other words, this is the type of challenge that has tested many a relationship ahead of a nice camping weekend (we speak from experience).
The Housemates competed individually, and the first Housemate that would successfully get the backpack packed (try saying that ten times fast) would win. After some confusion as to the meaning of the word “may”, Terry eventually emerged as the winner, despite finishing later than some of the other Housemates: they had forgotten crucial things like making sure the zippers of their backpacks were closed. Oh, and Libo and Tulz looked like a washing hamper – their sleeping bags looked more like recently-deployed parachutes.
As mentioned, this Task fits into the week’s theme, and you should expect the theme of camping to crop up again, a little later. It’s safe to say that creature comforts are going to be a little thin on the ground for a while.