BBMzansi: Housemates Valentine’s day celebration

BBMzansi Day 22: Valentine’s day celebration

Big Brother (Biggie) is definitely a man full of surprises, maybe even a romantic at heart. If there’s one thing about him is that when he shows up, he really shows off.
The Housemates all looking dazzling in their outfits were delighted to step into the Big Brother Mzansi garden, only to be greeted by a romantic Valentine’s day themed setup.
With soft cushions scattered over a pile of blankets, an intimate space was created. Heart-shaped balloons hanging and love songs lingering softly in the background, Housemates were treated to a surprise picnic. There were a lot of ‘oohs and ahhs’ as the HoH, Sis Tamara read out a beautifully written note from Biggie to the rest of the Housemates. In Biggie’s note, he reminded the Housemates that love, in all its form, whether romantic or platonic should be celebrated and cherished.
What’s a picnic without snacks? The Housemates were treated to a mouthwatering treat and to wash that down it was ‘choose umazikhethela’ between wine and champagne. Some individuals even felt creative and made their own mimosas. Did we mention that there were strawberries too? We even spotted Gash1 handing out roses to some of the ladies.
The romantic setup seemed to have awoken some feelings. We witness a few kisses between Terry and her bae Vyno. Vyno jokingly went down on one knee and pretended to propose to Terry. Libo and Mpho were seated next to each other happily chatting, while we spotted a kiss being shared between B.U and Venus. There also seemed to be something brewing between Tulz and Thato.
If you recall, earlier on Tulz was seen giving Thato a foot massage and he mentioned that ‘he’s pretty good with his hands. Thato’s response to Tulz was, “Please don’t make me do things I wouldn’t do.” We spot…we spot…a ship coming! Those who are not in ships yet, happily enjoyed each other’s company. Not a single person was left out from this ‘love affair’.
The Housemates happily posed for photos and videos. We even witnessed the most important love, self-love, from Thato as she balanced her phone, started dancing and giggling while she captured the moment.