BBMzansi: It appears Biggie enjoys keeping both the viewers and Housemates on their toes

Expect the unexpected
Expect the unexpected

Day 54: Expect the unexpected — BBMzansi 
It appears Biggie enjoys keeping both the viewers and Housemates on their toes. with the owner of the House constantly adding twists and turns to the game, it has become almost impossible to guess what’s coming next.
Biggie asked Libo what he thinks would happen on Sunday, he responded by saying he doesn’t think much is going to happen. In fact, he thinks everyone is going to get a “pass”, as he calls it. Biggie reminded him that 2 million is a lot of money, and the game is not going to be easy.
Sis Tamara responded by saying that everyone is in limbo. They are not sure what surprise Biggie will have for them. “We have so many questions that we would like to ask”, they said.
Tulz has a theory of his own. He believes that Thato, Themba, Sis Tamara, and himself will be spared from possible Eviction since they had performed well in the marbles game. “I imagine that the four people will be safe from having to stand up this week. The rest of the gang will have to stand up.” He pointed out that Gash1 is the undisputed champion of standing up for possible Evictions on Sundays. However, he always gets saved by the fans and this makes him a big threat.
Gash1 is not sure how the Veto is going to work, but he is almost certain that Biggie is going to shock everyone by putting up all the Housemates for possible Eviction. “People are relaxed, in their heads they believe that they are safe”, he told Biggie during his Diary Session. He thinks out of the eight Housemates, only the HoH and DHoH will be declared safe. Gash1 says it’s never a good thing to be relaxed, one should always be on their toes.
As Biggie has pointed out a number of times, you never know what his next move could be. You can never truly say that you have him all figured out. Our advice? Expect the unexpected.
What do you think Biggie is going to come up with this Sunday? Remember, we value your views.