BBMzansi: Libo won the HoH games and became Head of House

From DHoH to HoH — BBMzansi
From DHoH to HoH — BBMzansi

In this week’s HoH games, the amount of pressure surrounding the Housemates was very high considering what’s at stake. Everyone was in it with the aim of winning HoH.
There have been several conspiracies around the House and all the Housemates are walking around with a target on their back. No one can really say that they are safe.
In today’s game using a spoon, Housemates had to transfer water to a jug without spilling a single drop. During the first round, Gash1 was disqualified for going over the line. Themba and Nale were very close to winning but lady luck wasn’t on their side. As the outgoing HoH, Tulz was not eligible to compete.

Libo won the HoH games and became Head of House. He then surprised everyone by selecting Themba as DHoH

Libo wins HoH, Immunity from Nominations, and Veto power for today’s save and replace. The DHoH also wins immunity and just like the HoH will be safe from Nominations and possible Eviction.