BBMzansi: Love has come and gone

Love has come and gone BBMzansi
Love has come and gone BBMzansi

Did February leave with all the love in the House? the month of love was beautiful in the House. Biggie made sure that there were chocolates, cards, and even some cute and cuddly toys. We watched the Housemates do gala dinners and maybe even fall for each other?

  1. B.U and Venus kissed and before we could tell where that ship was going, B.U was evicted.
  2. Gash1 and Yoli had started to vibe and that ship also didn’t get to sail because Yoli got evicted.
  3. Yoli feels betrayed by Gash1 because she confided in him about Vyno’s confession, and he went behind her back to sing like a canary.
  4. The ship that was sailing was that of Vyno and Terry. They had announced their relationship to the House, we saw kisses any chance they got, but alas, he’s gone too.
  5. Mphowabadimo had her first Valentine with Libo and just as we thought that something would come out of it especially after he confessed his love, they ‘ended things’ officially and are now barely speaking to each other.
  6. Norman and Thato had also started to get very close and what started off as a friendship seemed to be blossoming into something more and guess what? Norman is gone too.


It seems February has left no love for March, but we are always hopeful that we’ll be shipping again very soon.