BBMzansi: Mphowabadimo pranks some of the other Housemates

Mphowabadimo prank
Mphowabadimo prank

It was a bit unsavory from the start, but – because we’re not squeamish around these parts – we thought we’d report on it, anyway, it happened shortly before 11:00 this morning: Mphowabadimo decided it was high time to prank some of the other Housemates.
Speaking to Terry, they decided (along with Thato and Gash1) that they would plant a condom (in plentiful supply in the Big Brother Mzansi House) in the bathroom. For a bit of added verité, they would partially fill it with some lotion. We don’t mean to sound prudish, but… eeew!
The plan was then for Terry to “find” it while cleaning the bathroom and then pretend to throw a fit (which is entirely plausible in the event that this would actually happen, thank you very much), and then confront the resident lovebirds – Thato and Gash1 – about the disgusting find.
So, plan laid, it was time to put it into motion. On cue, Terry emerged from the bathroom in a rage, throwing accusations at Thato and Gash1. Thato – for her part – participated happily enough, but Gash1 was found to be a little lacking in his enthusiasm.
As for the people they were trying to prank? Not much of a reaction, there. The only thing that Themba had to say was, “stop it” because things were getting loud. They usually do, where Terry is concerned.
Deciding they needed to escalate, Mphowabadimo and Terry staged a fight in the upstairs bedroom – throwing themselves down onto the ground and stamping on the floor – to give the impression that things had taken a turn for the worse. That did the trick – although perhaps a little too well.
Themba tried to break up the fight by pulling Terry away from Mphowabadimo, and she was moved outside. Mphowabadimo followed her as if itching for a fight… we’re not sure what she was hoping to achieve, here. She perhaps overplayed her hand.
Sis Tamara was stressed. Clearly trying to stop them from hurting each other, they worked hard to keep the two from hurting each other and were confused when both Mpho and Terry broke into laughter, unable to contain their mirth any longer.
The thing is, Sis Tamara didn’t find it funny. Not one little bit. They were clearly upset, having believed that this was all real. Perhaps even a little traumatized. Sis Tamara had to walk away and have a solo cigarette to calm down and was very cold toward the pranksters for a while after that.
In the end, what was the point? As Tulz said to Themba, “how was that meant to be a prank for us?” It certainly hyped things up a bit, and more than a few viewers were taken in, but it may have needed a bit more tweaking to have the desired outcome.