BBMzansi: Mphowabadimo released the episode 2 of her new beginnings (Video)

Mphowabadimo episode 2 new beginnings
Mphowabadimo episode 2 new beginnings



Big Brother Mzansi (BBMzansi) season 3 winner Mphowabadimo who was the first female housemate to win the BBM shares episode 2 of her official new beginnings and some experiences.

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Hey family it’s episode two now it’s a season baby hey family I am papadi with the advocate of ethosi and once again I welcome you to my channel it’s been amazing thank you so much for watching my previous video I mean it was the first after a very long time but like I said it’s a whole season so it’s gonna be fire upon fire upon levels of pebbles I can’t wait I hope you’re excited as I am so I

Thought honestly between you and I that I’d get some rest after all of the mayhem because last episode I spoke about the events I’ve been to and it’s not changed I’ve been attending events I’ve been like everywhere like I’m on demand guys what must the face of a winner do when I’m on demand there’s nothing you can do but to get out there and be yourself but guys before we get into it there’s too much content my team and I have been working effortlessly

Before we go into more details the cruise event guys I cannot stress that much we got too much content on that yo mike drop some content hi family with me once again welcome guys invited us to the launch of this fashion week we’re looking hello we are about to hang out with a big voice it’s gonna be a vibe so I’m excited you know what’s going to do I think this is my first official

Hahaha it’s my second one so I’ll see you inside [music] [music] [music] let’s try it oh [music] looked fire guys cruise was amazing I was just showing you that content to show of how gorgeous the girl looks but anyway being invited to sa fashion week

With cruz was enough validation that the queen’s drip is being seen like someone’s going through my page and saying yes yes girl yes vinegar so that’s enough validation for me we got cruise unlock cruise kudos and essay fashion week kudos to you now moving on to amazing things kosovo workstart was our next stop you know I’ll never forget carson milksaste because it will always be a part of a brand that rather molded the bread or

From papadimo because I’ve been to so much things doing so many things people tend to forget that I’m a sangom amongst all of these things but kosovo makes out came and was like yo remember this is an advocate of and that spoke to me volumes when they approached me I didn’t think twice I was like yes I boom are I everything you because this is the brand that really spoke to me in the midst of all the craziness it reminded

Me that amongst all the stardom amongst all the fame you are still a spiritual person you’re still an african and that’s why they were running such an amazing campaign of antisday and wanted me to be a part of it I was the face I was the voice and the youngest on the panel amongst greats I mean I was sitting there looking gorgeous as eva speaking amazing things because you know I might not have a such a fears but I have a

Common fears in me that comes out every time I speak about things like african spirituality because that is very hard to me I’m an advocate by of ignosing not just by my words but by my actions and by my life I’m proof that irusi does live industry does exist in my life because I’m where I am today because of the very same ancestors so essentia’s day was amazing guys I enjoyed myself crossover start really was warm to me you know we even

Did a lot of things that the event was amazing I got to also learn a lot because you know you you never stop learning that’s the beauty of life that’s the journey of spirituality you never stop learning let me know rebel babble too much check this following footage guys good morning youtube family so we are here for the castle milk start ancestors day celebration so I’m super excited as you can see because

It is about time I’ve been preaching about this day for a while so I’m excited to see what’s going to be happening and I’m ready it looks delivered the weather is just allowing it’s not too hot because well like I would have been drinking in this outfit but it’s going to be beautiful so so big [music] is freedom freedom of expression freedom of understanding freedom of belief and

Knowing who you are [applause] so guys being in the house was amazing and everything else you know I cannot lie but remember it was a social experiment being in a confined space for 71 days um has its after effects and once you exit the house they think like you know a lot of people being outside I felt better actually being locked at home you know than being outside I feel better even when you know I’m at home I

Feel better when the door is locked I feel better when I’m just indoors but when I’m outside there’s a level of overwhelming presence of people that it gets to me um I still get shocked you know by certain sounds by certain things that happen around me and well that day in particular was just one of those days where I had a breakdown I don’t want to lie I could feel my body shutting down you know um it was no longer just the

Overwhelming feeling of being around people but it was just me shutting down because ever since you know the big brother exit I haven’t rested guys let me be honest with you I haven’t had time to sit down I you know when I’m home I’m home for like two days three days and then I’m gone it’s work every day there’s cold times you need to be on sale at a certain time you move from set to set um it’s a lot I don’t want to lie

And that day I literally felt my whole body shut down for my mental state emotional state and I felt like I’m losing my mind a bit I did not understand what I’m doing I had my makeup done while I was sitting in the makeup tea I remember I even went live that day you know I you know you know with the entertainment industry guys um what I found out the most is that we we it’s easily to to fool the public and

Make them believe that you’re happy or you’re in a good space because I get them online and I’m smiling the minute I turn that end live button or I switch off my phone I go back to the space that I’m in that is a space of stillness well in my narrative it’s that a place of it’s too loud I’m so used to being in my goomba working my small nine to five but now I have a very tricky schedule people are

Too keen to say hey what are you doing with your life when you’re going back to the doombar everything what people don’t necessarily understand is that I also had a certain amount of stress because look sevens and I went to guys we have catas and no matter from which animal you look at it but at this angle where I’m at it’s so much more intense because there’s your name on the line um what are you doing to your friend remember if you can check in most

Cases whenever there’s someone that wins a particular season of any you know whatever it is that is there there’s a level of pressure that mounts to the winner that’s why sometimes you find winners win and then disappear I chose to change the narrative rather break the grounds because I want to stick around my my brand is for longevity and there’s pressures that are allowing with that because you know sometimes people feel that you don’t

Deserve to win or why do you win and sometimes people like how long will you keep up this momentum you know are you still relevant because you’re a runner or you’re relevant because you’re a brand now there’s a thin line between those two so that day guys I don’t want to lie I felt like I’m losing my mind I’m shutting down I didn’t know if I was entering what was going on remember I had my photographer around with me and we tried to take some

Good pictures but I was there physically but emotionally mentally I was gone and luckily there was you know close people around me at the time and they picked up on what I was going through because I literally you know when it was about to be my time to be called on because I had to wait at least an hour to while other people were shooting I I went into a bathroom and I broke down and that’s when I knew that you know what something is wrong

You so on that day I I I drove home and it was very intense for me um I got home and tried to explain to my mom what is happening and you know sometimes I just feel like sometimes not everyone can understand what is going on I think that’s why I still keep people that you know I was within the house very close you know um few to be exact because we share the

Same sentiments you know and we we share the same language and we go through the same traumas and we go through the same experiences and I could just tell that you know there’s a similar level of disconnection try to explain to someone else that I’m drowning I’m not coping and it’s hard mentally emotionally physically it’s a lot and sometimes people don’t get it and you literally go to bed like that wake up have to keep up and do the same

Thing it’s a routine there’s no time for you to say look I’m centering myself because through the social experiment itself you grow as a person you change you develop into this new person and now you’re this new person you step up into the world and you’re trying to navigate as this new person in this new world so everything is new but it’s a lot I don’t want to lie to you but I’m taking gentle strides I don’t want

To lie to you some days are better than others there are days where I wish you know what I miss being norman paul and some days I’m like I’m grateful for this but sometimes I just would like to take a breather because I don’t want to lie to you um I have to go back to work whether I like it or not you know um is my calling and young calendar that is where I’m at right now but I need to find a balance

You know how do I balance this life that I’ve been praying for and crying for that I might have given me to who I truly am I was born for stardom I was born for six days I was born from where I’m at I could go through the toughest things and overcome all of that and this is just a proof that this is nothing that I won’t be able to go through yes people will be like here she forgot that she’s a she’s going to the duma

I don’t owe anyone an explanation that is a sacred part of my life I will give you what I need to give you I will share what I need to give you but what I share with my rosie is very sacred because you don’t know the conversations I had with my guides before I went into that house so where I’m at currently I am poverty who is rediscovering herself as this woman I am because going to the house I was a young girl trying to find myself trying to

Hustle trying to push but here I am today trying to find myself so that day was just a be a you know a beacon of trying to show that it’s okay sometimes to say that you’re not okay um it’s okay to say that you’re having a breakdown it’s okay to step you to step back away from work because what I’m avoiding is sinking into depression I can not afford to go into depression guys I I can’t I cannot there’s so much at stake there’s so much I worked so

Hard for and I just need to keep pushing until I find time to take a break and re-center and be with my family you know with an equal time I’m sacrificing time with my family because I’m trying to be build this legacy this empire and sometimes you know I was having a conversation that sometimes great sacrifice or great success comes with great sacrifice and that’s where I’m at and I think I will reap the benefits once I’m old enough

And looking back I’m like yo in your 20s you did the most baby girl so there’s a lot of things that are on my plate but I’m carrying that plate with pride and I’m I’m serving myself that seven course meal with pride because this is everything I pray for but the pressure is there but that’s why I say I stick to my lane where in my lane I cruise swiftly no speed there’s no fast lane we’re just cruising because I don’t want to be overwhelmed yes it is already

Overwhelming but I take one day at a time so one thing I’ll tell you that with everything that comes with success there also comes a level of criticism and what I said that today is that you’re not ready for success if you’re not ready for people to talk badly about you that’s a sweet that’s a treat right there so uh yeah life it is what it is guys we

Are human at the end of the day you might see us in public want to touch us want to take pictures with us some days just know that maybe we woke up and we’re not in a good space but sometimes I understand you fans you’re excited to see us I don’t look at your fans your family but sometimes have a decency of saying hey paul can I take a picture of you because I’ve had incidents where people have touched my ass you know where people have done things that I

Wasn’t really expected of you know grab my mask because they want to take a picture of me sometimes be considerate know that I am human behind all of this and sometimes maybe I’m not in a good space but if you approach me properly but can you have a picture I’m a nice person I do not mind a picture is harmless but what I cry for is that people tend to look at us and think we’re just objects or because there’s a level of starship then there’s a level

Of dictatorships we need to live guys we were in prison for like 70 something days so now we have prison break and allow us to be so yeah it’s been a lot guys but from here the sky is the limit we just need to keep pushing hi guys mina I don’t know guys you know what if this isn’t love I it’s clear witchcraft because guys the love I was sewn at my homecoming was amazing I even got gifts guys I got myself some era earrings some nice plum

White boots like I wore to a gig that I had in puma coming to that before we go to that guys but the love is amazing I appreciate you underground gang you guys are a family I always say that the love you give me is ultando no matum dali personified and we can’t get enough of that from me to you kill it fella actually we’re gonna get more of that because we also have a tour coming up which is just gonna be a meet and greet situation so I cannot wait but we’re

Gonna get into details after that so let’s keep it moving guys the girl is busy here good musical piece of cookies go busy I don’t wanna lie I’m so happy doors are opening like I told you that the girl is business-minded more than anything the fame kenjo we are about here to make some money so the brand is growing and the brand is expanding and trust me I’m gonna take my djing skills like to another level I need to just up that to a notch so that summer I’m going

To be booked like guys if you don’t book me now the price is going up so don’t say I didn’t tell you but coming back to where we are now it’s so amazing to be approached by amazing brands that want to work with me shout out to viceroy advisor send me a gift package you know acknowledging me because I always say brands are lying to me it’s always amazing things so I’m so happy and ex so excited to be seeing all of that happening but now we’re growing

Guys we’re shifting and there’s gigs coming up I’m not hosting events I’m making appearances you know people want to see this pretty face this beautiful smart baby is going places trust me so he went to pumalanga not so long ago where it was a junction lifestyle and I was received with the amazing guys the trip there like you know what it was a long one I should have actually had some donuts but I don’t so we went you know to malang I had that gig it was

Amazing the reception was amazing and I saw a lot of people that actually were in the underground shot some pictures had a nice time shout out to you the the the lady of the moment nano who was actually the mrs party what a vibe what a queen but I really had an amazing time and you know from here it’s just the sky’s you know it’s not even the limit you know I’m not don’t bother me don’t box me I’m more than what you think so there’s so much

Going on I’m so happy to announce that brands like cigo are on board and exciting things are coming up and there’s many other brands that we’ve signed contract with but because of mda guys I cannot say too much you just have to watch the space but what I can tell you that I’m so excited guys we are securing the bag and I’m also back in school like I did say so I’m balancing the books and the fame and the money so it’s too much to handle but I’m trying

To multitask because at the end of the day you need to see me out there I don’t want to die like any simply guys my son is only three so he needs to know you know his mom is a mogul you know I’m not just anybody I am pervading the advocate of illusion but without wasting further ado guys we’ll still have so much content coming up like this channel is a vibe if you’re not subscribed here what the hell what have you been doing where have you been

This is the amazing channel guys we’re sitting on over 40k subscribers people on youtube know how hard it is to get subscribership guys content creation is not for kids it’s not bananas it’s for the adults it’s for geek big girls and big boys wanna play with the big boys you need to come to youtube that’s why we see who’s a big player so now we we’re cruising nasty guys we are growing goat is amazing and the channel is almost at two million views guys

Two million and then two million views do you say it’s all about the two this year kitty tutu if you know what I mean but guys I’m so happy so excited things are gonna be happening I’m gonna be back on your screens exciting things are coming up projects are coming up so I don’t wanna waste time guys but all I can say my passion is in business my skincare line is coming up very soon we dropping the line this tune as you can see the girl

Skin is popping I’m gonna give you some glow plug you’re gonna thank me later obviously I’m not wearing any makeup as you can see because I’m trying to show you that you know what I’m using my own products so we we’re doing amazing things money money money we’ve been saying that zeke song spending money sweetie money in the house money now must is here so we need to make sure that it stays I told you money is a spirit it doesn’t respond to desperation

It only responds to people that are confident you know money come to me I am your girl your girl is me so let’s do the things that need to be done guys don’t forget to follow me on all social platforms if you haven’t done so I love you I am you’re going probably moon you know stay tuned guys watch this video like subscribe leave your comments down below and I’ll be back very soon and don’t forget the bookings are open on all my social media platform the

Email is there but if you don’t know it’s you g at gmail.Com you will reach my team and they’ll assist you I’ll see you around guys let’s have an epic rest of 2022 moving into 2023. Let’s rock we are amazing people let’s make money let’s be bold we are rich after all goodbye

Mphowabadimo new beginnings episode 2 Video

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