BBMzansi: Nobody goes home, but nobody’s safe, either

Nobody goes home but nobodys safe either – BBMzansi
Nobody goes home but nobody’s safe either – BBMzansi

Tonight’s Live Eviction Show was a little different – mainly in that there was no “Eviction” to speak of. Nevertheless, it was still full of the usual Big Brother Mzansi action.
The show opened with a killer performance by Amaroto – the duo made up of Zuma and Reece Madlisa – of their hit, Intsimbi Zase Envy.
Their performance succeeded in kicking the show off with a bang, and Lawrence just had to ride the wave for a while – a role he tackled with style.
Early in the show, he told audiences that there would be no Eviction tonight, but that Part 2 of the Ultimate Veto Power Game would commence directly after the show (more on this later). Lawrence did not let the Housemates off the hook, however, so the six others who aren’t Themba or Libo were tense for most of the night.
Over the course of the night – and between telling each Housemate that they were safe – Lawrence couldn’t resist throwing the odd bit of surprises to the Housemates. For Thato and Gash1 – or “Tash1” as Lawrence called them – tonight was the first time they heard their “ship name”.
It genuinely seemed like they forgot people would be watching their budding courtship and doing the usual thing of throwing down a portmanteau to describe the couple. He also dropped the knowledge that Libo was behind the missing items – a revelation that left Mphowabadimo in tears.
Toward the end of the show, we were treated to a second guest performance, this time from Pabi Cooper who threw down a rendition of Bambelela. It didn’t take long before Lawrence joined in with the dancers onstage.
With all the mechanics of the show out of the way, it was time for the Housemates to turn their attention to the conclusion of the Ultimate Veto Power game. Sis Tamara, Thato, Themba, and Tulz are battling it out in a test of endurance: hold a plate in one hand, balancing a ball on top of it without stepping out of a designated mark. This is the kind of thing that’s much harder than it looks.
The struggle is worth it, however: the winner will have a guaranteed place in the finale and will be able to select two other Housemates to join them. It’s a big deal. They’re busy playing that game as this article is being written, so it’s still anybody’s guess as to who might win. They’re all looking pretty strong, so far.