BBMzansi: One thing about Gash1 and Thato

One thing about Gash1 and Thato
One thing about Gash1 and Thato

BBMzansi Day 47: Tender loving care

One thing about Gash1 and Thato, is they will show each other affection at the beginning of their interaction as they were getting close, Thato mentioned to Gash1 that she did not know that he was into (PDA) public display of affection. We are pretty sure that she has no doubt of that anymore.

The two have started calling each other ‘baby’ and ‘love’ and we are definitely here for the pet names. They always find moments to be affectionate with each other and this is also something that is new for Thato because she mentioned to Biggie in her Eviction Diary Session that she was not affectionate before coming into the house, so the random hugs and kisses are very telling.

Things about Gash1 and Thato

Gash1 picks Thato up randomly, spins her around and they always find moments to be with each other. They encourage each other and he will do her nails and massage her feet while they have deep meaningful conversations about their connection.

Will there be an after school? Whatever happens outside of the House, we have loved seeing them get close to one another and that they have made their relationship official.

We think it’s safe to say it’s possible to fall in love in seven weeks.