BBMzansi: Reason Why Evicted Acacia Certainly Left Her Mark

BBMzansi Acacia Certainly Left Her Mark

Acacia was Evicted from the Big Brother House last night, and we’ve put together a collection of items specifically about her from her time in the game.
Now that the dust has settled after Last Night’s Live Show, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on the Big Brother Mzansi journey of the most recently Evicted Housemate, Acacia.
She like most of the others – entered the House on Sunday, 23 January. She – again, like most of the others – made something of an entrance and quickly established herself as a forceful personality. In the beginning, that personality may have been somewhat overshadowed by Dinkybliss, whose temperamental mood swings made her an early target during Nominations.
Once Dinkybliss had been Evicted, however, Acacia had the floor, and she used all the space. Her refusal to back down from any argument and the vociferous defense of her own position led her to be labeled, “confrontational”, although an equally appropriate (and somewhat less loaded) term might be “passionate”.
While that approach is often commendable in the real world, in the confines of the House, however, it can be a bit much for one’s fellow Housemates, and she found herself on every single Nominations list during her stay in the House. Having survived the first two, the third proved to be her undoing. Based on her reaction at being told she would have to be leaving the house, one would be forgiven for thinking that she really didn’t expect it.
While her absence might come as something of a relief for the other Housemates, there are more than just a few viewers who will miss her fiery personality – it certainly kept things lively, after all.