BBMzansi Recycled tricks for new conspiracies

Recycled tricks for new conspiracies — BBMzansi
Recycled tricks for new conspiracies — BBMzansi

BBMzansi – Now that Biggie has challenged the Housemates to create eco-friendly looks as part of the ‘go-green’ theme, it’s also the perfect time to unpack how some of the plots in the Conspiracy Corner are *text muted*s showing up in a new dress. Here’s how old ways are being applied to new situations to influence the Nominations this week!
The euphoria of making it into the Top 10 was on Monday quickly replaced by the paranoia of the looming Nominations. On the one hand, the Housemates are excited to have made it into the Top 10. On the other, they are now so close to the grand prize of R2 million that resting is no longer an option. So when Biggie opened the Conspiracy Corner privileges on Sunday night, the locals jumped to start making moves. And since the theme this week is ‘go green’, we will also be looking at some old tricks that are back with a remix.
Last week, Tulz threw Sis Tamara to the wolves. Although Sis Tamara has saved him twice this season, he opted to use his Veto Power to instead save Terry and put up Thato, whom he’d been sweet-talking the whole week. Today, we had a whole of déjà vu as Tulz started again with a method we’ve seen. He approached Sis Tamara, saying what he did was for the best. He knew that Sis Tamara is strong in the game, and would survive the Nominations. Since it has all gone his way, he now wants a proper alliance with Sis Tamara. Will Sis Tamara fall for promises she might have already heard for? Clearly, Tulz is keeping his game eco-friendly. Repeat, recycle, reuse. And, maybe also, re-dribble?
Mphowabadimo has kept her game intimate. Instead of plotting with the rest of the Housemates, she’s consistently stuck to one person. First, it was Dinkybliss, then Nthabii. Now that they have been Evicted, it looks as if she has started to find another Housemate she can be closer to. It’s smart; you create an ally with one person, instead of many relationships that might not be as authentic. It would seem Mphowabadimo could start looking for the next best friend in the House.
Today, the Housemates made regular visits to the Conspiracy Corner. Libo, Themba, Terry, and Tulz have formed an alliance. They made a decision to vote against the power-couple Gash1 and Thato. The trick seems to be making rounds, as couples in the House have all been taken to the chopping block. B.U left soon after cozying up to Venus. Yoli was Evicted just as something was brewing between her and Gash1. Vyno went home at the peak of his romance with Terry.
Venus, Sis Tamara, and Thato had decided to take out one of the guys. This is another déjà vu, as the idea of taking out one of the pretty girls was flighted just last week. The game keeps changing, but the strategies are ancient! You just need to stay woke.