BBMzansi S3 2022 Day 19: Friday Night Arena Games

Full Details And Video About The BBMzansi 2022 Day 19 Friday Night Arena Games

This week’s Friday Night Arena Games kicked off with a classic ‘Old McDonald had a farm song being sung by the Housemates.
This week’s course had one less challenge than last week and only had four challenges. The Housemates seemed pretty confident and only Gash1 needed clarity around one of the games after Big Brother (Biggie) had laid down the rules.
The rules remain pretty standard week in and week out with a few minor changes. There are always arrows on the floor that help to guide the Housemates with clear markings of ‘start’ and ‘finish’. The addition this week was that the Housemates had to navigate the course on a scooter bike and they had to cross the finish line while on it, while not lifting their bum from the seat while on it or an additional 30 seconds would be added to their final time.
The allocation of five minutes remained and the person with the lowest time would be crowned the winner.

The BBMzansi name of the day 19 game was called Looney Blox.

About The BBMzansi Day 19 challenges

  • Wrangle the wolf

The Housemates had to stand behind the line and throw the rope around the wolf’s head or body. If it landed around the tail it didn’t count. They had to make sure that the rope didn’t fall off before moving on to the next challenge.

  • Cross the river

There was a plank placed above a pool and the Housemates had to park the bike and cross over. If they fell, they’d have to start again. After finishing the challenge they had to go back on foot along the marked lines and find the bike and continue on course.

  • Rabbit hop

The Housemates had to hop like a rabbit and make sure that their hands were touching the floor while hopping.

  • Lemon toss

The Housemates had to land the lemons into the different compartments of the object that was on the floor this Game seemed simpler than the other Games in the previous weeks and had the least disqualifications.

Vyno won this week’s Friday Night Games with a time of 01:07 and Mpho followed closely behind with a time of 01:13.