BBMzansi S3 2022 Day 19: Sis Tamara his shot on Gash1

Sis Tamara his shot on Gash1 on the 19th day of the BBMzansi Season 3 2022 show

Sis Tamara is smitten. Although they feel led on, we know cupid is working overtime in the house in the late hours of the evening, Sis Tamara shared a sweet moment with Gash1 where they expressed their attraction to his masculine energy. Yes, we can agree that Gash1 has that intriguing, charming energy but what stands out is his quiet and mysterious demeanor – always calm and collected.
Sis Tamara says they hope the attraction is just a phase and hopes it passes. However, Gash1 to his defense pointed out that he was not stringing them along. He seems aware of his flirtatious nature and further pointed to not being attracted to most women in the House. But he finds their feminine aura appealing.
Our social media has been buzzing with interesting reactions both in support of friendship and shipping the two Housemates but one thing that stands out is how we are all curious to see what will happen now that they’ve reached this stage of their flirts. Here’s what some people think so far.
Sometimes, we think it’s worth shooting your shot at love. Sis Tamara’s sweet moment with Gash1 ended with a promise to give them a message. Who knows? Maybe this is the beginning of some sort of ship, either way, we are here for it.