BBMzansi S3 2022: Day 2 Housemates Alternative Personalities

BBMzansi Season 3 2022 Day 2 Housemates Alternative Personalities

We all have a double or counterpart out there somewhere, and this also seems to be the issue when it comes to the Big Brother Mzansi Housemates…or – at least – this is what the fans say. You be the judge.
With his charm and good looks, we have been informed that Themba looks like a spitting image of Lil Wayne. Your take? We think you probably agree, since “Lil Wayne” has been trending on Twitter, and those posts are not about the rapper!
Libo has been likened to the A-list musician, Donald in Denial. We sure hope that our Libo is not in denial! the fans are convinced that Zino could pass as Mzansi rapper L-Tido’s long-lost brother. We wonder if he has it in him to spit a few bars! We guess only time will tell.
It’s been noted that the resemblance between Mphowabadimo and the actress, television producer, and presenter, Masechaba Ndlovu is undeniable. Do you deny it?
When it comes to Gash1, the fans just can’t seem to decide. Some say he looks like Larry English (Nicole’s husband from WAGS), and some say he is the spitting image of Jesse Suntele. Wait for it…some have gone as far as saying he looks like Daliwonga!
Here’s an interesting one: apparently, without his beanie, Norman looks like Prezzo from BBA! Yes? No? Maybe? the fans have spoken. Apparently, Tulz looks like both DJ Maphorisa and Dave Chappelle.
Norman looks like Luclay, Thami Mngqolo, Priddy Ugly, and DJ Speedsta. He’s a bit like chicken, except instead of tasting like everything, he looks like everyone!