BBMzansi S3 2022: Five ways to entertain yourself in Biggie’s House

BBMzansi Five ways to entertain yourself in Biggies House
BBMzansi Five ways to entertain yourself in Biggies House

Whether they are inside the house or just chilling in the garden, they can always find ways to keep themselves entertained, apart from Biggie’s Tasks of course Sis Tamara flirting with Gash1

Here are 5 ways in which BBMzansi Housemates have been entertaining themselves…

  • Play “guess the Wildcard”

In the Big Brother Mzansi garden, hold an imbizo. In your imbizo, each person should be given the opportunity to share their theory as to why they think there’s a Wild card in the House and who the Wild card might be. For those who are wondering what a Wild card is, it’s a Housemate that gets planted inside the House without the viewers and Housemates knowing who they are. The Wild card is to go about their day in the House without the Housemates having a clue. As already experienced, this topic will get everyone fired up. Even the quietest person in the House will have something to say, especially if they are convinced that Nthabii and Vynos are the Wild cards.

  • Flirt with your crush

Be a Sis Tamara and put your flirting ability to the test. When Sis Tamara is in Gash1’s presence, they will put their best foot forward and then flirt with him. Even their vocal tone changes as they seductively tease and shower him with words of adoration and a charming smile. “I love you Gash, potatoes will “potate” and tomatoes will “tomate”.” This is an entertaining affair for both Sis Tamara and the Housemates. We just love how Gash1 always lets Sis Tamara shoot her shot. “I want Sis Tamara to be free around me.”

  • Just Dance

There’s no better way to entertain yourself than breaking into a tune and randomly dancing. The great part is that you don’t even have to be a great dancer. You can be spontaneous and dance while cooking in Biggie’s kitchen. This takes us back to the time when Thato broke into a dance while cooking chicken in Biggie’s House. Her moves were on point…but we were worried for the chicken, while moving to the beat, she kept roughly poking the poor thing. Whatever the chicken did to Thato, we had to apologize on its behalf!
Try to finish Biggie’s sentences
Every time Biggie’s dominant voice comes on speaker, try to finish off his sentences, if not, then guess whose name he is going to call out next, for example: Will ________please come into the Diary Room or _______check if you are wearing your mic correctly. Most of the Housemates enjoy doing this, especially Mphowabadimo, Terry, and Gash1.

  • Gossip and gossip some more

Umgosi goes well at any time of the day, especially in Biggie’s House. Whether you are a Mphowabadimo or a Nthabii, whether you are a Libo, a Terry, or a Tulz, whether you are a Gash1, a Themba, a Venus, a Nale, or even a Thato, you’ve got to admit that umgosi hits all the right spots. As fun and entertaining as it is, be warned because it is a double-edged sword. When we gossip about others we also invite gossip about ourselves.