BBMzansi S3 2022: Housemates lost their second Wager Task in a row

How the housemates in the ongoing BBMzansi season 3 2022 lost their second Wager Task in a row

The Housemates lost their second Wager Task in a row, running into another week with no new benefits in the House! Here’s how they blew it up.
Following their crushing defeat at last week’s Wager Task, when the Housemates lost everything on their 100% wager, they returned this week hoping to master some form. But it appears their collective force is yet to be realized, as they faced another loss on their 25% deal this week. Terry, this week’s Head of House, had to account to Biggie, who wondered how they all fumbled again.
Biggie wanted to know, did the Housemates “treat this Wager Task as a side hobby?” He followed in his line of interrogation, is the reason behind that because they only dealt 25%? Terry defended the tribe, saying they did everything better this time in their preparations. It was a decent rebuttal, seeing as Biggie was already calling out the Housemates for looking rather tired. There’s a cash prize of R2 million on the line! Folks are going to have to wake up and keep their focus on what matters.
Terry’s explanation added no points to their game. The Housemates lost on their 25% bid, marking a second week they’ve lost the Wager Task. Unless they do something differently, the Housemates might be running into some troubled waters. For one, continuous loss of privileges will put a strain on relationships in the House. Questions will arise about which Housemates are not pulling their weight.
Biggie also reminded the Housemates that English remains the “common ground” in the House. Pidgin English and entire conversations in street lingo won’t be cutting it, moving forward. And not only that, the Housemates’ overall performance was charged as lackluster this week. This verdict only means one thing: the Housemates are going to have to bring their A-game from here on out.