BBMzansi S3 2022: Housemates throwing shades

BBMzansi Housemates throwing shade
BBMzansi Housemates throwing shade

The art of throwing shade is a fine-tuned one, and less can be more. The secret about throwing shade is that when you throw it, it needs to land we’ve always considered Biggie and Lawrence the kings of shade, this was of course until last night when we experienced the Housemates in their elements.
During a heated debate shade was thrown and it landed. Let’s take a look at who threw it, how hard it was thrown, and who it landed on.
Tulz throws shade al Libo
While debating about aliens, Tulz in artistry and imaginative manner threw shade at Libo who was wearing a dress. In a disagreement, Tulz sarcastically blurted out, “I’m sorry my lady.” This left Libo spinning.
Mphowabadimo takes a jab at Gash1
Mphowabadimo also delivered a healthy dose of shade. It’s no secret that Gash1 loves his food. She used this fact to take a jab at him. “Like you in the House, you eat two oranges as opposed to one, you are subjected to GMO,” this landed, even Gash1 himself couldn’t stop himself from smiling as he caught on.
Thato takes on Themba
Thato didn’t miss out on an opportunity to throw stellar shade at HoH, Themba. It was brought into attention that when it comes to the English language, at times Themba fails to express himself as well as he wishes he could. Shots were fired when in an ongoing debate, Thato said, “English is the problem here.”
Now, many might argue that this was in bad taste. What do you think? As fun as throwing shade is, if you are going to attempt it, it’s important to know the boundaries between shade and disrespect.