BBMzansi S3 2022: Housemates wants the get-along-gang to get going

Housemates in the ongoing BBMzansi season 3 2022 wants the get-along-gang to get going

As the second week in Biggie’s House starts to wind down, tensions begin to bubble up to the surface. It seems that some members of the get-along-gang might want to get going.
It’s not surprising that the Housemates would be starting to feel a bit irritable, by now. They’ve lost two Wager Tasks on the trot, they’ve been cooped up in the House with nothing to do but spend time in each other’s company (and work hard to lose Tasks, of course), so a little bit of cabin fever is to be expected. Also on clear display is the gossip and side comments that the Housemates have been getting into.
The two most obvious examples of this are Mphowabadimo and Dinkybliss. On Wednesday night, Mpho was deep in conversation with Mvelo and Norman – two other Nominated Housemates – and they spent some time discussing how Terry and Themba have been acting toward them since the Nomination show on Monday Night. Clearly, they resent being on the chopping block – which is understandable, of course.
Dinkybliss’s situation is a bit more complex: she made it onto both Terry and Themba’s lists, and many of the Housemates mentioned – during a Diary Session – that they would also have Nominated her if they were given the chance. The common thread amongst all their comments was that she’s simply too volatile. “I’ve been very uncomfortable with her because of her aggression, and how she handles things,” was how Sis Tamara put it. “She’s very explosive,” was Zino’s opinion.
While Dinkybliss has no access to the Diary Room, she clearly knows that the Housemates are less the perfectly keen on her. Speaking to Norman, earlier today, she vented about how the Housemates keep antagonizing her and characterizing her as being bipolar. Which is a fair point – not a single one of the Housemates is a mental health professional, and – even if they were – it’s not like they’ve had a formal session with her, either.
Unfortunately for her, she seems to have misjudged who her allies are. Admitting that she doesn’t know what he might say about her behind her back, she said that “he is the only person who understands [her.] He treats me like a human being.” She’s right on one count – she clearly does not know what he says about her while she’s not around. Speaking to the guy’s, Themba said that he, “doesn’t like big side girls,” reducing Dinkybliss to an object. “It was so awkward and difficult when I shared a bed with her.” Which is unkind, to put it mildly.
Following her chat with Norman, Dinkybliss was given an opportunity to address the House and try to clear the air, which is a proactive action on her part. “I think Dinkybliss doing what she did just finished [the week] off, perfectly.” What she did was apologize for her erratic behavior, but she also asked the Housemates to cool off on the faux psychological profiles, name-calling, and having a problem with her face. “This is my face.” Fair enough.
Of course, none of this removes Dinkybliss from the chopping block. That is up to the viewers who vote for their favorites. If she makes it through this Sunday’s Eviction, she might be able to build on the progress she made, today.