BBMzansi S3 2022: Housemates were embroiled in an epic game of Jenga that got pretty tense

BBMzansi Are the Housemates being blockheads
BBMzansi Are the Housemates being blockheads


Day 52: Are the Housemates being blockheads? – BBMzansi

It was a different kind of Task – the Housemates were embroiled in an epic game of Jenga that got pretty tense.

The Housemates playing Jenga.

You’ve probably played Jenga before, but in case you have no idea what it is, here’s a quick rundown: a group of blocks is used to build a tower, with each of the blocks snugs against one another. Teams then take it in turns to remove a block from the tower and place it on top, making the tower progressively less stable. The team that knocks down the tower loses. All caught up? Good.
Here’s the thing: these games don’t typically last very long, which is not surprising, really – each move literally weakens the tower and makes it more top-heavy. Usually, a game of Jenga is a few minutes, tops. Not for these Housemates, however.
It took about two and a half hours just to finish the first two rounds, with the game getting increasingly tense as the tower continued to rise, necessitating the use of chairs to be able to reach the top. Once the tower fell for the second time, they – probably wisely – decided to make some food. Except it might not be that wise, after all.
You see, the Task specified that the Housemates play three rounds of the game, and they only played two. They can’t even argue that they thought it meant the best of three, as the scores were tied after the first two rounds, making the third necessary to decide a winner.
At this point, it looks like they’ve moved on. They might return to the game later. They’d better, otherwise they’ll find themselves in a spot of bother – it might even be the deciding factor in the outcome of their Wager Task.
They did rebuild the tower when they were done, so there’s hope that they’ll return to the task, but if they don’t – it’s going to be ugly.