BBMzansi S3 2022: Male Housemates Formed Their Own Alliance Titled ‘Men’s Conference’

Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 2022 Male Housemates have formed quite the alliance and have come to call their huddles ‘Men’s Conference’

There’s no romance in the bromance – the boys have formed quite the alliance and have come to call their huddles ‘Men’s Conference’.
This is a space that they have created to share their feelings about the things happening in the house and to also discuss their love interests in the house. They then share strategies on how they will navigate themselves in the House. The women in the House have caught on to this and eavesdropped on the conversation the men were having before the Saturday Night Party.
Some of the advice they have given each other at the conference is to be mean to the girls, not speak to some to make them feel some type of way, and to start planting doubt in their heads, but it seems like some of them are saying one thing and doing another.
Some of the audiences feel that Themba came up with the idea of the Men’s Conference so that the guys could be distracted and that it’s all part of his strategy to win.
We loved that at Men’s Conference today that discussed consent and that the insights that came out of the session were positive. Gash1 found out that Venus has been feeling uncomfortable with the everyday hugs that he has been asking her for and has said that he will stop because he was not aware that he was making her uncomfortable.
We also found out in Gash1’s video session that the men are catching real feelings, so then is the conference a good idea, because the women in the House are seeing it as a negative thing. Will it end in tears? One thing remains certain, they have all admitted that things will fall apart.