BBMzansi S3 2022: Highlights Of The First Epic Saturday Night Party (Video)

Video Highlights Of The First Big Brother Mzansi 2022 Epic Saturday Night Party

Housemates wind down their emotionally charged week with an epic Saturday Night Party and with double the heat in the Party Room.
After a week of wearing their heart on their sleeves, our Saturday Night Party Sponsor gave us an opportune moment to celebrate the stories of their diverse journeys and how the Housemates keep on walking.
Housemates came to the Party Room determined to shake their bodies and have a little fun and the DJs showed up just as much and we loved how they matched each other’s energies. The DJs came through with a fire lineup that had Sis Tamara, Norman, and Terry opening circles on the dance floor and setting this party on fire.
If we could give a breakdown of some of the characters at the party, we think we could take all day to chat about it. But the most notable are Tulz and Gash1 who were giving strong grootman energy when they kept their cool with minimal dancing and moderate sips through their drinks without breaking a sweat. However, it was without a doubt that Sis Tamara, Terry, and Norman carried this party with their dancing skills before Venus and Thato joined them on the dance floor to have a good time.

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Housemates turned up all night in the Party Room and this party was no ordinary night. With DJ PH and DJ Shimza spinning the decks, it was double the set and double the vibe for the night. The dance floor took a life of its own with the Housemates bumping and grinding this Party Room was packed with so much heat and we loved every moment of it.
While the #BBMzansi guys are have conferenced and chatted about leaving the ladies alone and playing hard to get, some Housemates like Themba are playing ahead of the pack. Themba managed to have all the gents back away from Nale and proceeded to engage her and share his thoughts about the 11th man theory and in this case, he is the 11th man. To those that are catching on this theory is equivalent to the expression “nice guys finish last.” That said we wonder if Nale catches on with the flirtations and see which guy wins Nale’s attention. In the meantime we can gloss it up all we want about the “men’s conference” but the ladies are leading the pack without the gents realizing it.