BBMzansi S3 2022: The Biggie’s Top 5 biggest plot twists so far (Video)

Biggie’s Top 5 biggest plot twists so far in the ongoing BBMzansi 2022

Beke le beke roars onto screens as BBMzansi S3 delivers back-to-back bombshells to keep both the Housemates and viewers on edge. These five plot twists have completely shaken the game!
The third season of BBMzansi has been serving nothing short of high-paced thrills. True to the Beke le Beke theme, which translates to “week in and week out” from the Sotho languages, the season has kept us on our toes. For the Housemates, being too comfortable has allowed some blindsides to shock them to the core! And for us Biggie stans, it’s meant we get to watch iconic moments unravel in quick succession! Here are Biggie’s 5 biggest plot twists so far.


When the Housemates entered the House, they soon learned that their ice-breakers would come with an unexpected dynamic. Biggie instructed them to not reveal their actual names at first, which would make the first Nominations quite interesting. It also meant the Housemates had to navigate their new social circle without actually knowing the names of those who inhabit it. And just to put this to the test, preparations for the first Wager Task directed the Housemates, at this point still incognito, to remove all pretenses and tell their real stories!


A massive shocker landed not long after. The Housemates were summoned to the Diary Sessions to name their picks for Nominations, which would then make up the considerations for possible Evictions. Unbeknownst to them, none of the Nominees would actually be evicted. Instead, we got to see how the Housemates were really here to play the game. Who is threatened by whom, and why.


This was one of the season’s biggest game-changers. On Sunday night’s Live Show, Biggie blindsided the Housemates with the introduction of two new Housemates. Vyno and Nthabii have already been making moves, playing their game harder to make up for their late arrival. No one saw that coming!


Last week, Terry has crowned the Head of House, with Themba as the Deputy Head of House. And just as we waited to see who the Housemates would be nominated for a possible Eviction, Biggie dropped a bombshell! As it turned out, only the HoH and DHoH would be submitting Nominations, with Terry having the upper hand in that she could use her Veto Powers to overthrow one of Themba’s choices and substitute it with someone else. She did!


The Housemates came in with a lot of confidence. We know, because for their first Wager Task in the House, they dealt 100%, risking the loss of all their privileges. But Biggie’s standard is a tad higher than they expected, leading to a humiliating loss! It hurt, and we know because, for the second Wager Task, they only risked 25%. How will that play out?