BBMzansi S3 2022: The plot thickens in the house as the housemates bounds together

The plot thickens in the house as the Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 2022 housemates bounds together

Just days ago in Biggie’s House, we witnessed a few ships forming. We saw a bit of bromance and sisterhood and this left us beaming.
While the Housemates in one of their Tasks shared personal stories, and those stories being quite traumatic they really formed a bond, or at least we thought. At some point, even we were convinced that the bond was unbreakable. We saw them embrace and sympathize with each other. We watched them at their most vulnerable state so far. The spirit of togetherness in the House was just too strong and it kept tugging at our heartstrings. Little did we know…
Now the masks are off, the claws are out and the game is on. It is slowly becoming evident that it will be the battle of the fittest. Lately, we have come to notice that the Housemates have one common goal only and that is to secure and walk away with the bag. We mean, who wouldn’t want to leave the Big Brother House a millionaire?
Norman and Yoli had a little bonding session. Norman mentioned that he and a certain Housemate had a conversation and in that conversation, they spoke about how they felt that Themba wasn’t being his authentic self. The very same Housemate later on then went to Themba and twisted the story. This resulted in a confrontation between the two gents and Themba telling Norman that if he has a problem, he must address it with him instead of going to other people. For a second there, we thought that sparks would fly.
Norman has been doing a lot of bonding this time with Mphowabadimo. In the absence of the other Housemates, during their bonding session, the two spoke about how others don’t want them to be friends. Do we mean really now?
Gash1 has made it clear to Biggie during his Diary Session that he doesn’t care about the games and that he is in the House for the moola.
Tension is building up and we’ve witnessed Thato and Terry clash, especially during Tasks. Are they succumbing to pressure?
The plot is about to thicken in the Big Brother Mzansi house and you don’t want to miss out!