BBMzansi S3 2022: Things we can learn about being on Big Brother from the Housemates

Things we can learn about being on Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 2022 Housemates

It’s been six days in the House and there’s a lot that we can learn about being on Big Brother from the Housemates.

  • Confront your issues head-on

This has been the order of the day. The confrontation between the ladies after they lost the Wager Task, did not go down as well as it could have, but it happened, and they fixed their issues. There were a lot of confrontations after the Friday Games Night. The Housemates had to confront each other and their feelings. Yoli believes in addressing issues as they happen.

  • Consistently work at being disciplined

Tensions have been high in the House, and the Housemates think it is due to a lack of discipline. B.U believes that he’s the most disciplined of the lot – and that puts him in a good position and absolves him from the tension.

  • Be yourself

This has come up a lot, and all the Housemates believe in staying true to themselves. They think it is the only way to guarantee a win. Terry feels that the people who change their personalities will fall short. It’s an interesting one because the audience seems to disagree.

  • Build relationships

The Housemates believe that it’s important to build solid relationships in the House and that you need people who will have your back. Even though everyone is playing a game, genuine connections are being made. Tulz advised Nale to make sure that she has people who are on her side.

  • Read the room

It’s very important to be observant in the House so you can be aware of what’s going on. That informs the strategy because you’re also able to get a feel for how your Housemates feel about you. Norman prides himself in being able to read the room.

  • Set Boundaries

You can’t control how others feel about you, but you can control how you react to those feelings and the situations you find yourself. One of the best examples of this that we’ve seen was the conversation between Nale and Tulz; they’ve set the boundaries and have agreed to be good friends.